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I photograph images that catch my eye and interpret them through creating woodcuts. This medium requires a simplification of shapes, form and color. Woodcuts are imperfect and can vary significantly when they are printed and the woodgrain and carving marks pickup ink, showing them-selves on my print.  Sometimes I unintentionally chip them or the carving tool is guided off its intended path by the strength of the wood grain. The organic charcter of the wood becomes part of the image and still somehow, the simple shapes convey a recognizable image.

      Once the print is complete and the woodblock is carved away to its last color, I am left with an image that I can play with, by combining it with other woodblocks, repeating, reversing and layering. The resulting second set of one of a kind prints, reflect this process of play and experimentation. Plans are made but room is left for unexpected things to happen.

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